Breast Care in NWA is Top Notch

Local Breast Center Designated as a Center of Excellence

Fayetteville,  AR  —    On  January  14,  2014,  the  doctors  and  staff  at  The  Breast  Center,   a  MANA  clinic,  received  a  package  in  the  mail  with  some  long  awaited  news.  The   Breast  Center  in  Fayetteville  has  been  designated  a  Breast  Imaging  Center  of   Excellence  by  the  American  College  of  Radiology  (ACR).

The  Breast  Center  is  the  only  Breast  Imaging  Center  of  Excellence  in  Northwest   Arkansas  and  one  of  three  in  the  state.

“We  have  not  changed  the  way  we  care  for  women,”  says  Dr.  Kevin  Pope,  a  clinical   breast  radiologist  and  co-­‐founder  of  The  Breast  Center,  “but  we  now  have  the   highest  level  of  recognition  a  breast  imaging  center  can  receive.  “

With  the  Breast  Imaging  Center  of  Excellence  designation,  women  can  be   confident  they  receive  the  best  breast  screening  and  diagnostic  care  available  in  the   country  at  The  Breast  Center  of  Northwest  Arkansas.

For  the  past  two  years,  the  staff  at  The  Breast  Center,  a  MANA  clinic,  have  been   working  diligently  with  the  ACR  to  complete  the  accreditation  process.  By  awarding   facilities  the  status  of  a  Breast  Imaging  Center  of  Excellence,  the  ACR  recognizes   breast  imaging  centers  that  have  provided  outstanding  patient  care  in   mammography,    stereotactic  breast  biopsy,  breast  ultrasound  and  ultrasound-­‐ guided  breast  biopsy.

Peer-­‐review  evaluations,  conducted  in  each  breast  imaging  modality  by  board-­‐ certified  physicians  and  medical  physicists  who  are  experts  in  the  field,  have   determined  that  this  facility  has  achieved  high  practice  standards  in  image  quality,   personnel  qualifications,  facility  equipment,  quality  control  procedures,  and  quality   assurance  programs.

“This  is  a  big  accomplishment  for  the  whole  care  team,  “  says  Sarah  Faitak,  the   Director  of  The  Breast  Center.  She  added,  “our  mammography  technologists,   ultrasound  technologists,  nurses  and  doctors  worked  together  to  provide  the   detailed  reports,  images  and  data  to  qualify  for  this  designation.

The  ACR  is  a  national  professional  organization  serving  more  than  36,000   diagnostic/interventional  radiologists,  radiation  oncologists,  nuclear  medicine  physicians,  and  medical  physicists  with  programs  focusing  on  the  practice  of   medical  imaging  and  radiation  oncology  and  the  delivery  of  comprehensive  health   care  services.        “We  are  so  fortunate  in  Northwest  Arkansas  to  have  this  high  level  quality  of  care   provided  by  The  Breast  Center.    The  Komen  Ozark  Affiliate  congratulates  them  on   this  accomplishment,”  says  Mary  Alfrey,  Executive  Director  of  the  Ozark  Affiliate  of   Susan  G.  Komen  for  the  Cure.

 In 2003, Drs. Danna Grear and Kevin Pope established The Breast Center of Northwest Arkansas as the first independent facility in Arkansas dedicated to breast imaging. Dr. Steven Harms, a world-renowned Breast MRI expert, joined the practice in 2004 and introduced the Aurora Breast MRI, the only dedicated breast MRI in Northwest Arkansas. Drs. Stacy Smith-Foley and Kelly Johnson are fellowship-trained in breast imaging. These clinical breast radiologists and their team of experienced staff are committed to providing comprehensive breast care for women, with the latest screening tests, customized screening plans, and expert diagnostic care.

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