FDA Very Close to Ban on Trans Fats



Have you heard? The FDA has declared that trans fats are no longer safe for us to eat.  This is wonderful news because it will propel the removal of this deadly, unnecessary ingredient from our food supply. These pesky trans fats (which are found in all partially hydrogenated oils) occur in many processed foods. Experts call trans fats a “double whammy” because it lowers your good cholesterol and raises your bad cholesterol.

the top 5 foods that rely on trans fats are:


Baking Mixes

Frozen Desserts

Microwave Popcorn

Fast Food

The Center for Disease Control estimates that the future ban will prevent 20,000 heart attacks each year. Several studies have demonstrated a strong link between trans fats and coronary heart disease.  Intake of trans fats may also cause weight gain, breast cancer, diabetes, and infertility. Hydrogenated oils will now be an “illegal food additive” and manufacturers will have to reformulate their foods. Consumers will most likely not notice a difference in taste. The “hydrogenation” gives food a longer shelf life which is why it is used.





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