Homemade Vitamin C Serum Recipe

Vitamin C Serum Recipe

When applied topically, Vitamin C increases the production of collagen in your skin. This increase will tighten and firm up your skin by bringing  back your natural elasticity and glow.

1 Teaspoon of distilled rose water (or regular distilled water) NOT TAP WATER

1 teaspoon of vegetable glycerin

¾ – about 1 teaspoon of L- ascorbic acid powder

1 plastic or wooden spoon (don’t use metal)

1 glass container to mix the ingredients

1 small dark glass or plastic bottle or vial (must be light resistant)

mortar and pestle to grind the ascorbic acid into a very fine powder. (optional)

Before mixing the ingredients, grind the L-ascorbic acid into a fine powder with a mortar and pestle. Take the powder and mix it and the water together, stirring it constantly with your spoon, to ensure that the crystals dissolve into the water. Add the vegetable glycerin. Pour the contents into your light resistant container. Once everything is properly mixed, you can apply the mixture to your skin.

Make sure that you test a small section of your skin before you use it on your face! Dab the serum onto your face and neck, but be careful not to get any in your eyes. If you do, wash it out immediately with water. You can apply the serum once a day, the best time is first thing in the morning because the serum can help protect your skin against sun exposure.

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