Make Scuba Diving Your New Workout

Make Scuba Diving Your New Workout

Yes we are in a land-locked state but that doesn’t mean that you can’t be a scuba diver if want to! Scuba diving is easy to learn and so much fun.  Not only is it adventurous, it is a great workout. It works out your leg, core, and back muscles as well as your hips and arms. The water gives great resistance, resulting in a full body workout that improves flexibility, muscle tone, and strength. You will burn hundreds of calories an hour and you will most likely love every minute of it. There is also exercise on land included in the workout because there is lots of diving equipment to be lifted. Ready to give it a try?

First you will need to get certified. This is done in 3 easy steps at a 12,000 square foot facility in Springdale called Sportsco Scuba and Snorkeling Center. It is a PADI 5-Star Dive Center. Certification includes12 hours of training in their indoor heated pool, reading a manual, watching a DVD and then completing four open water dives with an instructor.

Is there any place to scuba dive locally? Yes! Beaver Lake. The water is 300 feet deep in some areas and the water is very clear. For more information and for a Beaver Lake Dive map visit

Here are some frequently asked questions from Sportsco Scuba and Snorkeling Center in Springdale

AM I TOO OLD TO DIVE? If you want to learn, and you are in reasonably good health, then the answer is no! It’s one of the wonderful activities with which you can age without creating bad knees, sore feet, etc.! We think diving keeps you young!

HOW GOOD OF A SWIMMER DO I HAVE TO BE?  It is a watersport, you do need basic swimming skills. You have to demonstrate this ability, however there is no time limit or specified swimming stroke. You will also need to float for 10 minutes using any method you prefer.

HOW OLD DO YOU HAVE TO BE TO TAKE SCUBA? You must be at least 10 years old. Certification restricts a 10 year old in depth. The skills are the same as for adults, and the materials are the same as for adults. Due to national standards restrictions on size of class with a 10 year old, SportsCo teaches these younger divers on a private basis. The standards are relaxed at 12 years so a 12 year old my enter a regular class.

I had no idea this was even an option in Arkansas! Consider giving this try and making it your workout for summer 2013. Start at Beaver Lake, then start booking trips around the world that offer phenomenal scuba diving.




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