Meal Time Round up!



By Stephanie Tyler, ND, CNHP, DPT


Meal planning has been my nemesis lately! With school and sports practices life is super busy! How about you?

Well here is what I’ve rounded up to help us all…meal plans that have been made for you. Most of these are services that you pay for but not all. For those that charge, almost all have sample menus for you to try. If you tried all the sample menus from these different sites along with the free ones…it would last you 30 weeks (see the numbers in parentheses for number of weeks). So don’t think you have to signup for one, although you just might find one you really like, and wouldn’t it be worth it to NOT have to do any meal planning! I can only dream! :)

Print out these 30 weeks of menus. Repeat at the end of 30 weeks, deleting up to 8 weeks of recipes your family didn’t like….and you will have a WHOLE YEAR of menus! How awesome is that!

These are in no particular order…

but most are real food and of the more healthier style than the typical meal plans you might come across:

(3) The Fresh 20: 5 weeknight meals using 20 ingredients; have classic, gluten-free, or vegetarian You have to enter your name and email in the box on the right side of the screen. They will email you a link to download each version.

(2) Deliciously Organic: 5 meals, 1 snack and 1 dessert; Classic, Gluten-free or Grain-free available

Nourished Kitchen: 3 meal recipes with 1 soup, 1 fermented, and 1 dessert recipe. These follow the Nourishing Traditions philosophy and are not for the faint of heart! I’m adding this to my list, but I couldn’t find a sample on the website. You could try sending and email and asking.

(1) GNOWFGLINS: 3 meal plans, 1 dessert, 1 lacto-ferment; you will have to submit your name and email address to receive a sample week

(4) Cheeseslave: 3 meals and 1 dessert weekly; I’m not sure if she is still making the menu mailer or not, but on the link there are four weeks of menus you can download.

(5) 100 Days of Real Food: a full 7 days of breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks! I wish this was a subscription plan but it is not. She just gives you these 5 weeks of samples to help you get started. Four weeks are on her facebook page and the fifth you receive if you sign up  on the website with your name and email.

(4) Urban Homemaker: this isn’t a meal plan, but a free download with 20 fresh, quick & light dinner recipes. Use 5 a week and this will last you four weeks.

(3) 5 Dinners 1 Hour: 5 dinner meals each week; Clean Eating plan; gluten free plan

(2) Natural Health at Home: 5 dinner menus, 2 desserts, and 1 weekend cooking project; classic plan is gluten-free or you can do the grain and dairy free plan

(1) Healthful Pursuit: 3 breakfast, lunch and dinner meals that are all gluten-free

(1) Nourishing Nutrition: 3 meals plus another bonus recipe each week; you will need to give your name and email on the site to receive a sample week

(1) No more ‘to go’: 5 complete meals each week

(3+) eMeals:  7 dinner meals; Clean Eating plan; Natural & Organic plan; Vegetarian; click HERE to see the list of all the options (but note several I would not recommend as healthy)

GFree: 5 gluten-free meals each week; I couldn’t really find a full sample menu, but thought this looked promising enough to share. This would be worth checking into even if you aren’t gluten-intolerant. I love that they give you 10 options each week, you choose 5 and then it prints a grocery list just for those 5 recipes!

And I don’t really understand why most of these do not have 7 dinner menu recipes, but most figure you will eat leftovers at least one night, and then maybe make a family favorite and then who knows dinner out or with friends another night?!?

And if you are looking for some blank forms to write out meals on, I found a few of those too!

733 Blog

Not Quite Susie Homemaker

and several versions at Money Saving Mom

hope you enjoy!


Thanks for the article Stephanie!

Stephanie is a Naturopathic Doctor, Certified Natural Health Professional and a  Doctor of Pastoral Therapy. She offers many services that help keep families well, including one-on-one coaching, real food transformations, and workshops. She is located in Northwest Arkansas. You can reach her at 479-409-4054  or email her at   To read more of her posts go to  or


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